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Mark Levine, CEO of DropCap, Inc.

Mark Levine is the CEO of DropCap, Inc. DropCap is a literary rights management company that assists authors and publishers in the licensing and management of their translation rights. DropCap does this through its rights management platform which manages the entire lifecycle of the rights process including marketing the title to 1,000+ rights buyers on the DropCap network, in app contract creation and esigning, and tracking, collecting, and distributing all advances and royalties to the author and/or publisher. DropCap works with rights buyers representing 120 different languages and more than 180 countries.

DropCap has launched TranslationRights.com, a free, public marketplace for any author or publisher (not just those working with DropCap) to market and monetize their foreign language rights.

For more information visit DropCap.